Each diffuser comes in a crisp white square bottle with a luxurious gold brass label and 7 fibre reed diffuser sticks. This product also comes in a signature branded box with luxury tissue paper, ribbon and a gift bag.

Asian Amber Diffuser

  • Ensuring that your favourite spaces always smell wonderful, our Asian Amber scent has been delicately blended to capture the magic, colour and vibrancy of Asia.


    Introducing your home to warming scents, with a distinct hint of exotic spice, this Diffuser is sure to become a welcomed addition to the spaces you spend the most time in. 



  • Do not light the reeds & keep away from open flames. Reed diffusers are highly flammable. Diffuser liquid may damage polished or painted surfaces. Make sure you wipe any residual oil from the bottom of the bottle before placing on a protected, level surface. Keep away from children and pets and always read individual diffuser warning labels carefully prior to use.