Choosing The Right Candle For Your Home

There are lots of ways to add fragrance to your room but one of the most traditional ways also remains one of the most popular – the use of scented candles. Candles offer multiple benefits such as the wonderful smell and the warm glow when the candle is lit, or even just as an attractive accessory in your room. But how do you choose the right candles for your home?

The Room

The first consideration is often the room itself – the use of it and the size. For example, if you are using candles in a smaller room, then a stronger scent might be a little overwhelming. But a larger room can handle any type of fragrance that you enjoy.

Another concept is the use of the room and where you can locate the candles. In the living room, their warm glow is relaxing and calming but you do want to be able to place them away from little hands and in locations where pets cannot reach them. Diffusers are a great alternative if you are concerned about this and also work well in areas such as bathrooms and hallways.

Choose A Scent You Like

Choosing a scent is a very personal thing as a certain aroma can smell differently to one person or another. At Ulvants England, we have scents that are categorised into various families (and we are always looking to expand into more!). To have a better idea of what kind of scents might work well for your home, it helps to understand the basic scent families:

  • Floral – can be light or heavy and includes fragrances such as rose, lavender, jasmine or lily.

  • Fresh – think of freshly cleaned cotton sheets or towels, those crisp and clean smells that have a touch of water to them.

  • Woody – rich smells that are often based around different wood smells such as sandalwood or cedar.

  • Green – a colour can also be a scent and with this one, you find smells such as grass, bay leaf and even green tea.

  • Citrus – fruits such as lime, lemon, orange or bergamot all have that zingy scent.

  • Spicy – warm and rich, these include spicy smells such as amber, cinnamon, pepper or ginger.

  • Fruity – sweet flavours from fruits such as peach, grapefruit and fig.

  • Sweet – other sweet smells such as vanilla and almond.

Seasonal Scents And Colours

Sometimes the time of year can help you choose a certain scent. For example, fresh and floral scents are popular in spring while spicy and woody smells are often used in autumn. Certain scents are associated with Christmas including green smells such as pine and spicy smells such as ginger and cinnamon.

Look Of The Candle

The final element to help choose a candle for your home is the look of the candle. One of the classic styles is to go for a plain white candle that has some subtle styling (for example in our case we use a metallic label). This means it can be used in any room of the house, regardless of the décor and will always look stylish as well as offering their scent.