Newcastle Living North Christmas Fair

As some of you may know, Ulvants England attended the Living North Christmas Fair in Newcastle on 2nd - 5th November. This was my first ever time doing a fair/exhibition and I can safely say it was a success! As this was the first one, I took time in prepping and setting up so that the Uvants stall looked as good as it could be. All I can say is that the efforts paid off in the end as the stand looked just how I envisioned it.

I seriously could not have been able to pull this off without the help and support from my wonderful friends/team. Most importantly, thank you to ALL that made your wonderful purchases and also to those that popped by to say hello. The Ulvants team really appreciate your support and could not have done it without you!

Here are some pictures below that we took from the fair. Our next fair we are doing is the Blyth Christmas Market held on 2nd - 3rd December (10:00-16:00) and the Blyth Workspace Christmas Market on 7th December (16:00-19:00). Make sure you come down and say hello... we would love to see you there!

Big love and best wishes,